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Waterless Urinal

Waterless Urinal

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Widespread use of waterless urinals can curb wastewater generation.

Fresh water that was abundantly available is now very scarce. Declining natural resources, increasing human demands, climate change, have led to an increased awareness, desire and need to install water conserving systems.

The water is precious and there is no denying that we need to use the available water wisely. It is estimated that India uses about two billion gallons of water every day to flush waste. In the hospitality industry, guest showers, pools and laundry operations, water accounts for a large part of a hotels utility bill. Similarly, in the shopping malls and multiplexes, the toilets and urinals alone account for nearly one-third of building water consumption, making potential for water savings very high.

Large number of facilities given to users and it is now highly important that as occupants we should assess the usage of water and determine areas that can dramatically reduce water consumption on a daily basis. Today, many sanitary ware companies are also promoting waterless urinals in a bid to help the industry and the world at large to save this finite natural resource. However, despite their enormous evident benefits in dealing with increasing water shortage, the waterless urinals have much to clip up on the scale of popularity as the conventional urinal system still remains the most widely used system.

This is where Diverse latest offering GRUBES Urinal Screen fits in. Most urinals can use between 2 to 3 liters of water for each flush. A Urinal in a busy office where 100-plus men work will use more water than one located in a small restaurant. Taking all of the variables into account, in of the variables into account, in waterless concept, a single urinal in a workplace with a few dozen employees can save about 170,000 liters of water per year by using GRUBES Urinal Screen can ideally fit the bill.

The combination of this product along with Good Sense Odour Eliminator which is a blend of non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes results in a clean and hygienic Urinal.

Widespread use of waterless urinals can produce a domino effect of conservation. Since no water is required, water utilities will not need to treat and pump as much water. Smaller quantities of pumped water lead to energy savings. Also, the absence of flushing means generation of less waste water and so is its treatment. Therefore, water is conserved as are resources needed to generate electricity.

How GRUBES Urinal Screen Works

The following steps should be follows: Benefits of use GRUBES Urinal Screen

* Place GRUBES Urinal Screen * Easy and simple to use

* Do not flush after every use * Saves 70% water

* Replace urinal pad after 30 days or * Low bacteria levels

when you can't smell any fragrance * No blockage of drain

* Do not pour water at any stage * Low cost of maintaining

* At the end of the day flush out * External fragrance system not required

waste collected in the urinal

* Spray odour eliminator every

4 to 6 hours depending on traffic

Note: in high-traffic areas cleaning should occur more frequently.

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